Maysville…Where Bourbon Began Its Journey

Come experience the history for yourself!


The Bourbon History Galleries at The Old Pogue Experience takes visitors back in time to the 1791 Whiskey Tax Act Rebellion; the heyday of bourbon making in Mason County; the “long thirst” of Prohibition; and the rebirth of an original Kentucky Bourbon, Old Pogue Master’s Select.


As a major river port, Maysville was an integral player in moving people and commodities (like whiskey) to points south along the Maysville Road and the Ohio River after the Revolutionary War and into the late 1800s.


This collection of authentic artifacts and documents outlines Maysville development of bourbon from the late 1700s to mid-1800s; the heyday of three prominent distilleries (Pogue, Limestone, Poyntz); the dark days of Prohibition; the post-prohibition era; and the renaissance of Old Pogue today.


Visitors age 21 and older

can enjoy a tasting of both Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon and Old Maysville Club, a rye malted whiskey. Tasting are $5 each; limit two per person.


Old Pogue has a history

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